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Welcome to Wellington Conservatives

Hello and welcome to the web site for the Wellington Branch of the Taunton Conservative Party Tree LogoConstituency Conservative Association in Somerset.
Here we aim to deal with issues and events concerning the two County Council Districts of 'Wellington' and of 'Neroche and Wellington East', and those districts and wards that equally apply to Taunton Deane Borough Council and Wellington Town Council.

We will to keep you up to date with news of local Conservative activities and events and also issues and news about the Wellington wards and districts. We want to tell you what we are doing for the town, what we plan to do in the future and give you an opportunity to tell us what you would like us to do for you.


November 2016

We'd just like to remind people that regularly travel through Rockwell Green that the demolition of the Weavers Arms will be starting in the near future. Once this begins the road will be closed for a period of time so we suggest planning your alternative routes for when it starts.

1st June 2016


Wellington Town Councillors were pleased to support a recent action day by Taunton Deane Borough Council when officers from Environmental Health and Licensing teams headed out across the district on a 'Dog Action Day' to speak to local residents about responsible dog ownership.

In a recent press release by TDBC they said

'A total of 12 officers had worked with Wellington Town Council and local parish councils to identify and target specific problem areas.

They then went out in force to educate people about the local bylaws, dog fouling, the new micro chipping legislation and licensed animal boarding establishments.

The council receives an average of 70 complaints a year from residents experiencing dog fouling issues. If you are seen allowing your dog to foul in a public space a fixed penalty notice of £50 will be issued which could lead to a fine of £1000.'

Councillors get many requests from the public to do something about the continuing problem of dog fouling so it was pleasing to see that a proactive approach was being taken by Taunton Deane Borough Council.

26th May 2016


Wellington Town Councillors John Thorne, Gary James and Bob Bowrah have all called for the War Memorial in Wellington Park to be updated with names of service men and women who have either been missed or fallen in recent conflicts.
Work is being carried out to find appropriate contractors and costings for the work of updating the names so that they match the existing names.
Giving the memorial a general spruce up is also part of the work plan.

7th May 2016


After the work of Councillor John Thorne to and Wellington East Councillors Gary James and James Hunt we are pleased to see that bus shelters have at last been fitted at the bus stops near Cades Farm.

11th October 2015


Why not join us for our first 'Race Night'
Due to take place on 27th Novemebr at Wellington Conservative Club. Racing starts at 7pm. The event is free to take part but there are 50 tickets available for an interval meal for just £5 each.
Contact the Club on 01823 662353, ask at the bar or call Janet Reed 01823 660584 for tickets.
Or just come along and take part.

22nd July 2015


Better signs to help visitors find their way to Wellington Monument are being called for by Conservative councillors on the Town Council.

They are supporting a campaign by newly-elected Conservative Councillor John Thorne, who has carried out an in-depth survey of existing signs and found them to be inadequate.

John Thorne by Road Sign to MonumentThe National Trust, which owns the Monument, has agreed with Councillor Thorne that better signage is needed and has said it will immediately make a start by trying to improve its sign at the entrance to the Monument car park.

However, improving matters right across the town will cost money, and so talks now have to be held with Somerset County Council’s highways department to try to find funding for the project.

Councillor Thorne, who represents Wellington North ward, put forward a total of 20 recommended actions when he reported the issue to the Town Council, and was pleased that the council unanimously agreed to pursue them.

His survey found there were only four white-on-brown ‘tourist’ signs near the town centre to point visitors toward the Monument, one small and very old black-on-white sign in Pyles Thorne Road, and two difficult-to-spot similar signs on Wellington Relief Road.

After that – nothing! And even the entrance to the Monument car park was only marked by a small green board almost hidden in a hedgerow.

Councillor Thorne said there were no signs at either Chelston roundabout or Perry Elm roundabout, nor on the route from the relief road via Pleamore Cross and Wrangway.

He is also calling for a change of preferred route from the town centre, with vehicles using Wellesley Park and Hoyles Road to reach the relief road, rather than the narrow Pyles Thorne Road, which does not have any pavements.

Councillor Thorne said: “I have always taken it for granted that everybody knows the way to the Monument and because I do not need to look at the road signs I have not taken much notice of them previously.Monument road junction sign

“But then I had a friend visiting me and she wanted to take her dog for a walk at the Monument while I went to work, and I told her to follow the signs - only for her to get lost!

“I quickly realised that something ought to be done about the signs, especially as we have just been marking the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.

“When I carried out my survey I was really shocked to find how poor the signs were. There are pubs on the hills which have better signs for visitors than does the Monument.

“I appreciate it is not a simple matter to sort out, because we need to get the highways authority on board, and some of the new signs would be in several of the parishes outside of Wellington, but I am going to continue pushing for this to be done.

“It has already been heartening to find so much support from my fellow Conservative councillors on the town council, who have all got behind the campaign with me.”

Councillor Marcus Barr, the Conservative councillor for Rockwell Green, said: “When John told us his thoughts about the Monument signs I knew he was right, and I told him about how when I first moved to Wellington I also got lost trying to find the Monument.

“Improving the signs is, of course, a different issue from the National Trust’s plans for restoration of the Monument, which we all hope will also be carried out just as soon as it possibly can be.”

In the longer-term, Councillor Thorne would also like to see Wellington make more of the Monument and the town’s association with the Duke of Wellington.

He said: “Unless you already knew about it, there is very little in the town centre to tell visitors about the Monument, and the only interpretation board is set at the side of the track just before you reach the Monument, so you would have to actually go there to see it.

“I think we could easily do more, for instance by having an interpretation board in the town centre.”

08th July 2015


Long-awaited new bus shelters for people living on new housing estates in Wellington look set to be erected after a campaign by Conservative councillors on Wellington Town Council.

Residents on the Cades Farm development have been standing exposed to the wind and rain while waiting for their bus during the past six years.

But thanks to newly-elected Conservative councillor John Thorne, the town council has now taken action to ensure funding is provided for two shelters at the bus stops on either of the main road into and out of Wellington.

Councillor Thorne liaised closely with fellow Conservative councillors Will Brown, James Hunt, and Gary James who supported his investigation into what is known as ‘Section 106’ monies, which were owed by the housing estate’s developers.Bus Stop at Cades

As part of the planning permission granted for the developments, the home builders were required to make a financial contribution to the construction of the bus stops and also for the provision of bus shelters.

The bus stops were provided as part of the first phase of the Cades Farm building works, and a further £10,000 was payable once a minimum of 75 homes were occupied in the second phase of the development.

However, Taunton Deane Borough Council, which is the local planning authority, had not asked for the money from the developers until Councillor Thorne expressed his concern at the lack of progress on the matter.

Now, the money is to be collected by the Deane council, allowing it to order two new bus shelters, although the town council is likely to need to contribute about £500 for each one to cover the full cost.

Councillor Thorne said: “I am delighted that we are quickly seeing rewards for local people as a result of the efforts of my Conservative colleagues on the town council.

“I have often driven past Cades Farm and noticed people waiting for a bus with no shelter from the elements - mums with pushchairs and young children getting soaked through by the rain, as the exposed position means it is often too windy to put up an umbrella for protection.

“Knowing that hundreds of people had been living in the new homes at Cades Farm for some years, I could not understand why nothing appeared to be happening about putting up clearly-needed bus shelters.

“I knew that the original planning consent said the developers were supposed to be giving money to the Deane council for facilities such as bus shelters, so I made this one of the first issues I wanted to get sorted out.

“It should be quite straightforward for the Deane council to ask the developers to pay the money they owe and to then get the bus shelters installed before the autumn and winter weather arrives, and together with my Conservative colleagues on the town council I intend to keep pressing them until this is completed.”

The bus stops and the new shelters when they are constructed will also serve residents moving into houses on the Longforth Farm development.

One of the bus stops is in the Wellington North ward, whose residents are served by Councillors Thorne and Brown, while the other is in Wellington East ward, where residents have Councillors Hunt and James looking after their interests.

28th June 2014


Wellingtons Conservative Councillors joined Wellington other councillors, members of the public, cadets and resprestnatives of the armed services and local organisations at the Armed Forces Day service today.Armed Forces Day

Held at the war memorial in Wellington Park, each year the service serves to remember and honour all service men and women who had serves our country.

The weather was kind enough to provide us with a bright day for the length of the service and for the informal gathering and catching up with friends afterwards.

Left to right are Councillors Terry Milton, James Hunt, Janet Reed, Vivienne Stock-WIlliams and Bob Bowrah

29th March 2014


European Candidate for May 2014 visited Wellington today and met supporters and interested members at the Conservative Club.

Melissa MaynardTaking the time to wander around and meet many people she was able to answer a host of questions regarding the European Union and the importance of retaining a strong conservative presence.

"This election is not the time for a protest vote against Europe" she told those attending. "Now more than ever its imortant that we have a strong voice speaking up for Britain and working hard to get the best for our country. A national referendum that only a Conservative vote in May 2015 can provide is when to take a stance on our membership."

Local Councillors Vivienne Stock-Williams, Janet Reed and James Hunt jolined her for her visit,

17th January 2014


Local Wellington Councillors have welcomed today an anouncement from Somerset County Council that they are to do something about the continuous flooding that takes place on the corners by Willowbrook Garden Centre and the Blackbird Inn.

With the A38 such an important route for Wellington residents and workers the constrant disruption has been even more keenly felt this year.

Cabinet Member for Highways at Somerset County Council, Harvey Siggs, said: "This is one of Taunton Deane's busiest roads and a diversion route for the M5 so it is important to keep traffic moving freely here.

"Our aim is to protect the road and bridge at Blackbird Bends, which have been vulnerable to flooding during times of heavy rainfall.

"The problem is caused by two streams converging head-on and then having to turn 90 degrees to drain away. It's not good for water flow or carrying away silt, so we will look to address both issues.

"The streams and drains will be able to handle much more water after we've finished and will help to reduce the risk of flooding."

The first task now is to remove dead and dying trees from the site. This will allow plant machinery to move in.

The Council will remove silt, re-align the streams and lower rocks into the streambed to funnel water away from Willowbrook garden centre and out towards the River Tone.

The Council has previously cleared vegetation from the streams flowing around the Garden Centre to allow the streams to channel the rainwater away.

The work is expected to take two weeks. The A38 will remain open throughout, although temporary traffic lights might be needed during some stages.




Wellington Branch of Taunton Conservative association meets each month at the Conservative Club in Wellington. See the Diary for the next planned meeting date.

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